How can I edit questions?
Press the gear in the upper-right corner of the home screen, this will open the app settings. From here, click on the questions link to open question settings. From this screen you can turn existing questions on or off using the toggle switch. Additionally, you can edit questions by clicking their titles, or create a new question by tapping the "Add a question…" link at the bottom of the list of existing questions.

How can I manage the ambient sensors?
Press the gear in the upper-right corner of the home screen, this will open the app settings. From here, click on the sensors link to open sensors settings. From this screen you can toggle the sensors on or off.

What is the Reporter privacy policy?
All data in the app belongs to you and only you. Reporter has no access to any of the questions created in the app or the subsequent reports generated in the app. Reporter maintains no servers and only collects anonymized usage stats from the app (which can be turned off in the settings). Data you produce will only leave the app if you turn on the save to Dropbox preference or email it from the app as a CSV or JSON file.

What does the sleep/wake toggle do?
It has two purposes:
• a trigger for questions that you want to answer at the end/beginning of the day. 
• a mute for notifications while you sleep. When the app is in sleep mode, the randomized notifications will be put on hold.

Can I use emoji with Reporter?
Yes. Emoji make great responses whether entered from the keyboard or set as multiple-choice answers in question.


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    Daniel Fisher

    Is there any way to define questions that can only be answered once a day? And a time for them to be asked?

    As well as collecting a sample of all day, questions such as "what did you have for lunch?" don't need an answer every time.

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    Nicholas Felton

    The sleep and wake questions are only presented once a day when the sleep/wake toggle of the app is used.

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    Daniel Fisher

    That's the workaround I got to for that type of question.

    Is there any plans to develop workarounds for that type of question, one that has a constant answer per day? It would be really handy for most of the things I would like to monitor, such as food intake, how many coffees I drank, etc.

    A polling feature could be great as well, the ability to add to a total for the day, which is collated at night. ie. In your report, it asks "How many coffees dos you have today?" and at the start of the day presents 0. Just tap to add a coffee. When you are next asked to report, that constant number is still there for the day, and you simply add any more coffees you've had - or leave it, and then the total is surmised for you and put into a graph.

    That way I can easily monitor my daily activity, without having to remember my entire day when I go to bed..?

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    Daniel Fisher

    *"How many coffees have you had today?" - sorry!

    With the timed and persistent questions I mentioned earlier, it would be incredibly useful to be able to ask a certain question in the context of time (maybe even location?).

    So for example, I want to know if I am getting to the train on time. At 9am every morning, my reporter asked me "Did you make the train?" And I answer Yes/No/It was late. And I don't get asked that question again, as the response is only valid once per day.

    I tried this type of question with a simple test of "What did you have for lunch today?" But ended up getting 5 of the same responses because it defaults to selecting your previous answer, so had to go through and manually edit all my reports.

    It would be a really powerful feature and make me use reporter every day! I hope you'll consider it :-)

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