How Reporter works

Reporter is an all-purpose life-tracking app that relies on random samples to gather information and build understanding.

The app comes loaded with a pre-defined set of questions, but you should add new ones and edit or delete the existing ones. In the app settings you can control how frequently these questions will appear and whether they should occur during the day or when you wake or go to sleep.

Questions can have one of many types, each designed to make answering the question as simple as possible. These types include multiple-choice, yes/no, numbers, locations (which will check Foursquare for nearby places), people (which will auto-complete with your contacts), tokens (which tokenize the text entered) and note (free-form text).

When answering a set of questions, Reporter will combine these answers with background information saved from the phone's sensors to create a report. These sensors can include location, weather, ambient audio, photos added since the last report and step count with the iPhone 5s. Any or all of these sensors can be switched on or off.

Reporter includes a toggle on the main screen for sleep and wake states. Activating this switch will start a new report using the questions that have a sleep state and will afterwards pause notifications from the app until the switch is toggled and the wake survey is completed.

Saved reports can be viewed, edited and deleted in the reports section. Swiping on a report in the list view will allow you to delete the report, while clicking on an entry will allow for it to be edited.

Reports can be emailed as a CSV or JSON file from the export section of the app settings, or Dropbox users can save their reports to their computer by linking Reporter to their Dropbox account.

As you complete reports the visualizations on the home screen will become more detailed and patterns will start to emerge.


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