How DropBox works with Reporter

Reporter saves to your Dropbox account by writing plaintext JSON files which are stored in the "Reporter-App" folder in your Dropbox "Apps" folder. Reporter creates a file for each day and appends Report data to them as new Reports are entered.

Data written to the Dropbox files falls under two major categories: passive and survey data. Passive data is data captured by iOS with no user input. This includes:

  • Battery status
  • Current location and reverse-geocoded place mark details
  • Steps (iPhone5S only)
  • Ambient audience levels
  • Current nearby weather conditions
  • Network connection type
  • Photo EXIF data

Survey data is data input by you via the Report survey. Survey data is organized in a response array. If questions are not answered they are not included in the response array.

Attached is an example Dropbox file representing a single day of Reports.


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